I feel extremely blessed to be able to leave the world of corporate travel to delve into my creative, earthy side. My most rewarding job to date is having & raising my daughters.

I consider myself an artist with a passion for the history & art of personal adornment. Therefore, I choose jewelry design as a medium for my creative expression. I have been honing my craft for over eleven years; professionally since 2002. My jewelry is inspired by the world around me; the people I meet and their experiences & situations. I feel that jewelry is a wearable art form that helps tell a story about the wearer as well as the designer. Although I enjoy designing on a whim, custom adornment is where my heart is, as it is truly unique to the client’s personal story. I hope that each piece is not only worn but cherished now & in generations to come.

I have found great success & happiness simply by not trying to fit into society’s ideals; and stop trying to live based on a particular justification, income bracket or philosophy. Even when I got attune to my earthy side I still found myself holding on to a rigid structure in order to not appear to be a hypocrite. In essence I have made a conscious choice to stop judging/comparing myself to others (human nature). I hope to inspire others to live well & authentically.

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